UPC offers new Horizon firmware

November 6, 2012 08.53 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Dutch cable operator UPC has begun the download of a firmware update for the Horizon set-top boxes already in the market.

The new firmware should address a number of issues with the box. Since the official introduction of Horizon, customers have complained about a number of problems.

The issues include slow reaction of the software, freezing of the box, complicated navigation to access basic functions such as the EPG, information about the programme being watched and ‘now and next’ information.

This latest update should make navigating the menu faster, including an improved EPG and loading of the 3D images.

The moment the Horizon box arrived at customer’s homes, the UPC helpdesk was swamped with questions from viewers. The unofficial UPC customers blog, chelloo.nl, was inundated with tens of thousands of forum questions and answers.

In reaction to the massive response from Horizon customers, UPC said it would issue a major software update this November and/or early 2013. However, the current firmware version is not the major update.

UPC was also quick to publish a special ‘tips and hints’ page on their website in order to address a number of issues offering short cuts to various functionalities.

Broadband TV Views. Although we had to wait two years and nine months for the all singing and all dancing Horizon box, it looks like the product was not yet ready for prime time.

On paper, the Horizon box looks like the ultimate TV companion, changing the way we look at television forever. It still has these qualities, but in real life, navigating is too complicated and there are still too many bugs in the software.

UPC has been very responsive to complaints and is relatively open in its communication with its customers. The chellooo blog is currently organising a poll collecting feedback of Horizon users and marketing manager Mark Giesbers writes a regular column.