NanoFlix3D offers seamless 3D channel creation for Roku

Michelle Clancy | 07-11-2012

NanoTech Media has completed its development of a new proprietary technology, NanoFlix3D, which will offer content providers and publishers a set of tools for the creation of full-immersion 3D TV channels and smart-TV apps. NanoFlix3D has already been deployed for the Roku IPTV platform, and will soon be available on Samsung and LG smart TVs.

The new technology eliminates the need to toggle a TV back and forth between 2D mode and 3D mode every time a person uses the menu to select 3D content for viewing.

"The NanoTech team is the only company to have solved the problem of providing a 3D user interface and menu system on the Roku platform," stated Jeff Foley, CEO of NanoTech. "Users want a smooth experience when viewing 3D content and by using NanoTech's system, NanoFlix3D provides a seamless and unique experience."

In the US, first-quarter 3D set volumes grew nearly 74% in units and 64% in revenue over last year's, according to market research company The NPD Group. In a recent survey, 14% of respondents interested in buying a flat-panel TV set in the next six months say 3D is a "must-have" feature, and another 68% say 3D is a nice-to-have feature.

"3D has been a success for the TV market from a sales perspective," Ben Arnold, director of industry analysis for The NPD Group. "In addition to movies and gaming, sports are essential to growing 3DTV ownership. Nearly six in 10 sports fans are interested in watching games and matches in 3D."

NanoTech will be licencing the NanoFlix 3D library for content publishers as well as providing turnkey 3D channel solutions.