Epic taps Tvinci for iPad second screen TV app

Editor | 07-11-2012

EpicTV has launched a new service to deliver personalised premium HDTV content, available for both online and offline video-on-demand viewing via subscription on Apple’s iPad platform.

EpicTV is a pan-European extreme sports service, funded by Finnish operator Elisa, which is designed to offer a personalised, consistent viewing experience for subscribers across iPad, Android tablets and smartphones, PC and connected TV. The new iPad application is targeted at enabling 200 million European extreme sports fans to download content onto their devices, in order to watch it at a later time when they may be offline.

Available for free download from the iTunes Store, the EpicTV iPad app gives consumers access to a library of premium HD content, including 600 feature-length films on surfing, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, base jumping and wingsuit flying.The service offers users its personalised TV service through a Facebook-based freemium model among other viewer engagement methods.

As part of the implementation, the Finnish VOD firm will use the Tvinci OTT 2.0 platform toprovide users with an increased number of interactive functionalities, including the ability to watch content in offline mode.

“In an age where convenience is valued so highly and where consumers are averse to relying on traditional programming schedules, our latest deployment with Elisa has answered their immediate need not only for a new OTT video delivery method to iPad, but also a brand new TV experience,” explained Ido Wiesenberg, Tvinci's co-founder & VP business development.

“Extreme sports enthusiasts are likely to find themselves in places without Wi-Fi and it was important for EpicTV to provide its end users with the ability to watch content in remote locations. By offering a highly targeted and user-centric viewing experience where users can even watch content offline, the revolutionised EpicTV iPad app shows how service providers can capitalize on the advantages of OTT 2.0 to open up considerable new revenue opportunities, while attracting new customers. We are delighted to take this leap forward with Elisa’s team and look forward to extending the reach of the service on an increased number of connected devices.”