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Thread: Cardsharing on Humax foxsat hdr box

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    Cardsharing on Humax foxsat hdr box

    Hi! to all. First time in this type of forum and i'm really impressed . Don't know if is the right place for my question, maybe a different section of the forum. I have a Humax foxsat hdr box and i wonder is possible to run on it cccam or something similar for shearing tv. Iv'e seen people posting on net doing something similar for humax 5400! i wander if is working on all humax boxes or not. I'm new in this satellite stuff and maybe i wrong understand something.


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    Re: Cardsharing on Humax foxsat hdr box

    I do not know in details your box , but If I'm not mistaken it is official Freesat box..... if this is the case from my best knowledge it is not possible

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