Cognacq-Jay Image Uses Front Porch Digital for Playout Storage

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 07-11-2012

Digital content management and delivery provider Cognacq-Jay Image (CJI) is using Front Porch Digital’s DIVArchive CSM system to store and archive content for the playout of MultiThématiques, a group of 15 SD and five HD channels broadcast by pay TV group Canal+.

Installed in CJI's new playout centre near Paris, the DIVArchive system manages 30,000 hours of media among CJI's archive library, near-line server and playout servers. "Our deal with Canal+ allowed us to create a new playout centre with archiving capabilities for 20 channels, which means we needed huge storage volume for this project," said Mickael Drouet, deputy CTO at CJI. "DIVArchive gives us a scalable, high performance archive system for 20 channels and more, so we can restore media very quickly for each channel. " The DIVArchive system is designed to archive 50 hours of video per day, while simultaneously restoring ten hours of video per channel with less than 12 hours' delay.