Video supercharges mobile advertising

Michelle Clancy | 08-11-2012

Adding video to mobile advertising improves interaction rates, according to data from the Rhythm NewMedia mobile ad platform.

In the second and third quarter of 2012, rich media became more widespread on the Rhythm network -- used in 43% of campaigns in the period, compared to just 12% one year earlier. Of those, more than a third (36%) of rich media full-page mobile ads served by the Rhythm NewMedia mobile ad platform used video. And, 28% of campaigns used in-banner video during the period.

Meanwhile, interaction rates for custom buttons for getting more information or viewing photos or video, ranged from 2.2% to 10.8%. But Rhythm said that adding a mini video player boosts interaction rates for the units by 30%, to 3.8% to 12%.

The results dovetail with independent analysis. Earlier in the year, eMarketer forecast that mobile rich media advertising would increase to account for $861.7 million, or about third of total U.S. mobile ad dollars. Of that, video will account for 5.8%, or $151 million, of the overall $2.6 billion total predicted. That's up from 4.7% last year.