adRise taps Highsense CDN for multiplatform video streaming

Michelle Clancy | 08-11-2012

Streaming enablement company adRise is using the Highwinds content delivery network (CDN) to stream films and TV content as well as video ads to viewers of over-the-top (OTT) premium content applications on connected TVs (CTVs), set-top boxes, game consoles and mobile devices in more than 100 countries.

adRise customers include Starz, The Outdoor Channel, Discovery's Revision3, The Bold and the Beautiful, Warner Brother's Flixster, Viki, which use the company's free branded platforms for advertising distribution and monetisation support to stream to a range of platforms. Those include Xbox, PS3, Roku, Samsung, Google TV, Sony, Western Digital, Netgear, iPad and more. adRise also has partnerships with the top video ad networks and DSPs, and the adRise platforms employ complex algorithms to target ads to relevant audiences and robust analytics to measure ad performance..

All videos and ads streamed on adRise's platforms will now be delivered across the Highwinds CDN to connected devices. Highwinds also will provide adRise with real-time analytics, including server-side statistics and regional data, used to monitor CDN performance, track consumption and bill downstream customers. adRise also leverages Highwinds' real-time content management tools for instant upload and global propagation of new assets and instant purge of underperforming assets.

"adRise is a young and disruptive company that has accomplished amazing technological feats in the highly fragmented connected TV content and ad space," said Steve Miller, founder and CEO of Highwinds. "We're a good fit for adRise because, as a startup in a rapidly growing industry, they really benefit from our high level of service, and they're a good fit for us because we never simply plug our customers in and send them on their way. We relish new challenges, and we work closely with all customers to continually evaluate and optimise CDN performance."