Kansas telco Tri-County beefs up IPTV service as Google TV rolls out to the south

Michelle Clancy | 09-11-2012

It's a good time to be living in the Midwest if you like TV. Even as Google TV moves in on the Kansas City IPTV market, the Tri-County Telephone Association, a regional telco, is improving its IPTV customer service experience in the northeastern part of Kansas.

The phone company is leveraging the APMAX IPTV BSS/OSS platform from Innovative Systems to upgrade its viewers' living-room experience and customer service processes.
"The capabilities that the Innovative solution gives us to reach out and touch the customer from our back office [in order] to help them over the phone, is critical in the customer experience," said Tri-County Telephone Association's General Manager, Dale Jones. "Without having to send out a service technician, which takes time and costs more, we are helping our customers in a timely manner and reducing our own operating costs."
Located in the heart of the Kansas Flint Hills, The Tri-County Telephone Association, Inc. is one of 29 independent telephone companies in the state of Kansas. In operation since 1963, TCT serves nine counties with voice, video and Internet services.
Jones said that the rural telco market has an imperative to stay on top of a very competitive television segment. With the Google deployment angling to be a model to the south, Jones advises other telcos to look to companies that are thinking outside the box especially when it comes to video.
"Today's business is nothing like it was in the past, if you are going to attract and retain video customers you have to give them the technology that is going to drive that experience," he said.