Local favorite America TeVe beats out all but Univision for top Election Night ratings

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 09-11-2012

Politically focused local TV station America TeVe (WFUN), which targets South Florida Hispanics, came in second only to Univision in the Hispanic local TV ratings war on election night.

The channel took a multiplatform approach to its live coverage, including on-air, online and social media initiatives. America TeVe WFUN surpassed Telemundo 51 (WSCV) (by delivering a 9.7 Rating / 13 Share against WSCV's 9.4 Rating / 12 Share in 8-11 p.m. Hispanic Households) and all other Spanish- and English-language television stations in the Miami DMA, with the exception of Univision 23.
"The success of our election night coverage is conclusive evidence of our important role in the local Hispanic community in Miami, who has chosen us as the primary source of national and local information," said Omar Romay, president of America TeVe. "We are proud to be the only independent television station in the country that is capable of achieving this kind of success against network-supported television stations in a major market such as Miami."
America TeVe's complete news coverage was co-anchored by Oscar Haza and Pedro Sevcec, who together with a team of 14 journalists and 24 political analysts, provided in-depth commentary as well as minute-by-minute information. Felix Guillermo, the station's 10 p.m. news anchor, and fellow journalist Soledad Cedro joined Haza and Sevcec in the studio, providing statistical projections and real-time results of the electoral map and updates on the balance of power in the House and Senate. Additionally, special correspondents reported live from Chicago and Boston, bringing viewers all the emotion and excitement in both Obama and Romney's campaign headquarters in anticipation of their final speeches.
America TeVe has on-air distribution in Miami, New York and Puerto Rico.