Driven season 3 roars ahead on MBC Action

Louise Duffy | 09-11-2012

Season 3 of the weekly car show, Driven, is set to return to MBC Action in Dubai on 11 November.

Sultan Hamdi, one of the presenters of Driven Season 3, will showcase the latest in high performance sports cars in a new segment called Super Car. The cars will be put to an ultimate performance test on a couple of the regionís racing tracks.
Francois Habchi, one of the pioneers in the Arab car industry, will look at the more affordable, day-to-day options in the Commercial Car segment. He will examine the carís engine and interior specs in addition to its body shape, safety elements and interior and exterior features. And finally, a few cars will be put through the road test, demonstrating to the audience at home their road-handling capabilities.
Meanwhile, rally champion and pro driver Abdo Feghali will put a few selective cars to the ultimate endurance test on one of the regionís race tracks, challenging the carís durability and performance.
Finally the show will feature an Auto News segment featuring the latest news and events from the car industry in addition to interviews with key motor personalities and celebrities.