1,075 satellites to be launched in the next decade

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 09-11-2012

Euroconsultís newly released research report, Satellites to be Built & Launched by 2021: World Market Survey, anticipates that 1,075 satellites will be built for launch worldwide over the next 10 years (2012-2021).

Revenues from the manufacture and launch of these will be worth $198 billion, up 36% from that generated by the 800 satellites launched in the past ten years.

Governments worldwide are responsible for almost two-thirds of the 1,000+ satellites to be launched and for the same proportion of the $198 billion expected in revenues.

Satellite demand of civilian government agencies will be much stronger than that of military agencies since military space remains concentrated in a limited number of countries.

Despite the continuous emergence of new space countries globally, the six established space powers continue to dominate 85% of future government satellite demand. Emerging space countries should represent a market of 110 satellites with varying sizes and capabilities.

In the commercial space sector, almost 75% of recent satellite orders will be launched to replace old satellites which are operational in geostationary (GEO) orbit. This sector is made of 50 companies and has enlarged significantly in recent years with numerous government-backed operators acquiring their first satellite. 15 satellites are now under development for newcomers such as Turkmenistan, Laos, and Belarus.

ĎIn 2011, the industry entered a growth phase with 100 satellites launched that year, an activity unknown since the late 1990sí, the survey says.

In the next six years, an average of 120 satellites should be orbited each year, then the launch tempo will decelerate at the end of the period as government and commercial satellite constellations complete their deployment.