Swisscom strikes back at UPC Cablecom

Jörn Krieger | 12-11-2012

Switzerland's national telco Swisscom has reacted with its own free-of-charge TV package to the unencrypted digital TV bouquet which its arch rival UPC Cablecom will launch in January 2013.

All ADSL customers of Swisscom will receive a free digital IPTV basic package with over 60 TV channels - 22 in high-definition - from early December 2012. Swisscom TV Light will automatically be integrated into the ADSL monthly subscriptions, thereby providing telephony, Internet and television from a single source. More channels and features will be available at additional charge.

To move the TV package from the ADSL line to the TV set, viewers need a Swisscom TV box which can be ordered in Swisscom shops and on the Internet at

With the move, Swisscom counters the free-of-charge package which cable operator UPC Cablecom announced recently ( From 1 January 2013, the customers of the Liberty Global subsidiary can receive 55 digital TV channels - including 19 HD services - free-of-charge and completely unencrypted.