Multiscreen boost for T-HT

November 12, 2012 15.32 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

T-HT Capital Markets Morning – LONDON. The multiscreen service MAXtv To Go launched by the Croatian incumbent T-HT two months ago has already secured 11,000 subscribers.

Speaking in the opening session of its Capital Markets Morning, Ivica Mudrinic, the company’s president of the management board and CEO, said that the service, like its pay-TV operation in general, was driven by exclusive rights, particularly for football.

He added that T-HT currently commands a 59% stake in the Croatian pay-TV market.

However, pay-TV penetration in Croatia was – at 39% – lower than the West European average of 56%.

Mudrinic also said that Croatia is the only regulated IPTV market in Europe.

At the same time, the new government, which has been in power since earlier this year, is preparing a number of regulatory initiatives including a change to the Electronic Communications Law.