Swisscom to offer free TV to DSL customers

November 12, 2012 21.51 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Swisscom is to offer its DSL customers the basic digital IPTV service Swisscom TV light for free in order to compete better with cable.

The basic bouquet consists of more than 60 TV channels, of which 22 are available in HD. The introductory offer is automatically included in DSL monthly subscriptions, giving customers telephony, internet and TV in a single package.

In addition, Swisscom TV start customers will now have access to 110 channels, an increase of around 60, for the same price. Swisscom is also doubling internet speeds for its customers, again for the same price.

Swisscom TV has been available for less than six years, and has more than 728,000 customers.

With the Swisscom TV app customers can also enjoy their digital entertainment anywhere and at any time on their smartphones and tablets.

This new offer is automatically included for free in all DSL mini, standard and infinity subscriptions. To enjoy Swisscom TV light, the customer needs a Swisscom TV Box. This can be ordered from December 1 from any Swisscom Shop or online at

Pre-orders can be placed from November 12. Following the launch of Swisscom TV light, the extended tier Swisscom TV select will no longer be available.

All current Swisscom TV start customers will automatically be upgraded to the extended tier with more than 110 channels, 27 of those in HD.