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Thread: decreasing cache size over time

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    decreasing cache size over time

    I think im seeing an issue

    Did a fresh install of oscam on a dedicated server, and with about 20 cacheex peers my cache size was hitting a 5000 a few days, its gradually getting smaller and smaller and sitting at about 400-600

    ive rebooted......and no change

    im also running csp but this should not affect the cache size on oscam as they are not linked..

    running #7895

    Its running on a 8gb I3 3.4 ghz machine so its not the PC.....but im thinking it can maybe only handle so many connections/threads or something (a bit like file descriptors in csp)

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    Re: decreasing cache size over time

    strange ...tonight about 7.30 my cache size jumped to around 15,000..... my host is sending about 30Mb back out to peers......nice

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