Surging demand for video content, IPTV to drive fixed broadband infrastructure revs

Editor | 14-11-2012

Faced with a choice of adapt or perish, the changing nature of online media is forcing telecoms operators into a corner to meet surging demand for video content, IPTV according to new research by visiongain.

The analyst says in its Fixed-Broadband Infrastructure in the Emerging Markets Report 2012-2017: The Shifting Dynamics of Connectivityreport that until recently, broadband access to the Web has been widely regarded as a premium service, not a universal one, but as household income and PC penetration in emerging markets in particular increase, operators must endeavour to stay a step ahead of the game with fibre optics, gigabit Ethernet and universal connectivity as the basis of an “inarguable future”.
Indeed visiongain believes the future of the fixed-broadband infrastructure market to be in the developing world. It calculates fixed-broadband infrastructure revenue in the emerging markets will reach $23.25 billion in 2012. Yet it also notes that markets are trending towards convergence and multi-play services, with network operators almost certain to adhere to a new market paradigm. Indicating the seriousness of the trend, it warns that for equipment vendors, the ability to integrate legacy architecture into next-generation networks will “draw the line between sink and swim.”