Sky Deutschland stays on growth course

Jörn Krieger | 14-11-2012

German pay-TV broadcaster Sky Deutschland remained in the black in its operative business and increased its number of subscribers in Q3 2012.

The company’s customer base rose by 80,000 to 3.21 million and its EBITDA amounted to €18.6 million, compared to Q3 2011 when an operative loss of €18.6 million was posted. The turnover climbed by 17% compared with last year to €331.3 million. Below the line, a net loss of €16.5 million remained. In Q3 2011, Sky was considerably deeper in the red, with a loss of €46.9 million.
The demand for the company’s HD offerings continued to grow in the period. The number of Sky Welt HD subscribers rose by 47% to 2.06 million (Q3 2011: 1.40 million) and the number of Sky Premium HD customers increased by 63% to 1.34 million. This means that 41% of Sky households now subscribe to the Premium HD offering compared to a year ago when the share amounted to 29%.
730,000 subscribers now have PVR Sky+; this compares to 215,000 households a year ago. In December 2012, Sky+ will optionally be equipped with a 2 terabyte hard disk on which more than 200 hours of HD programmes can be recorded.