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Thread: conax paring card cas 7

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    Thumbs up conax paring card cas 7

    if some one now what are this please pm me thanx

    0B - Tier (PPV)
    Header 07EC0B 07EC0B
    System Type 5853 5853
    Ird Status Byte 8C 8C
    PPV Event ID 2C54 2C54
    PPV ID 6A 106
    Event Price DDC9 $56777.127
    Purchase Date 3F 05/16/2036
    Expiration Date AD73 07/28/2113
    Service ID 50 80
    Min Channel CF3 5304
    Max Channel 0177 375
    Component 49C5 18885
    PPV Low ID 4E592 51346
    PPV High ID DCDAE9 -5896331
    ECM Odometer 5AEA 09/21/2055
    Event Start Date A2B5 01/16/2106
    Event Start Time 0B5E 01:37:00
    Data Block 1 159C72F71BE2A2 159C72F71BE2A2
    Data Block 2 96A69A8597F8FB 96A69A8597F8FB

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    Re: conax paring card cas 7

    Info from PPV.
    Nothing relevant

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    Re: conax paring card cas 7

    Dear Friend,

    Can I seek your help about the RSA key extraction from my Conax Receiver. I got couple of Jtag connecting hardware but still not sure about which I and how to connect as there is no jtag port / USB port on my receiver. Hopefully I guessed 10-pin (5 pin in 2 Rows) as JTAG pinouts, but not sure now which is the correct USB Jtag hardware and software is right one, my main board details are as follows:
    1. FLASH--->Winboard: W9425G6JH-5
    3. MicroController---->OMEGA STi5197PBB

    Any help would really be appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance :)

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