UPC Cablecom brings free-TV thrust forward

Jörn Krieger | 14-11-2012

The fierce competition between UPC Cablecom and Swisscom regarding freely accessible digital television in Switzerland has entered the next round as, in a surprise move, UPC Cablecom has lifted the encryption of its digital free-TV package with immediate effect.

The move was originally announced for 1 January 2013. With the stroke, UPC Cablecom has hit back at its rival Swisscom. The telco wanted to offer its ADSL customers a free-of-charge IPTV package (Swisscom TV light) from early December 2012 in reaction to the cable operator's free-TV thrust, but has now been beaten to it.

All UPC Cablecom customers can now freely receive the digital basic package containing the most popular 55 TV channels. The channels are completely unencrypted and thereby receivable on any end-device, for example a flat-screen TV set with an integrated digital cable TV tuner. A separate set-top box is not required.