BrizzTV to launch social media solution for live TV

Louise Duffy | 15-11-2012

Bangalore-based digital media company BrizzTV has developed a solution that allows viewers to update social media accounts on a normal TV screen while watching programmes.

According to TechCircle, BrizzTV has partnered with an unnamed DTH service provider to launch the product, called SocialTV, in early 2013.

Jitendra Jagadev, COO of BrizzTV, said: “In the current model, the user has to make a choice between watching a programme or updating his social media accounts even on a smart TV screen... SocialTV allows viewers to watch programmes and update social media accounts simultaneously. That too, on a normal TV screen connected to a set-top box.”

SocialTV will allow viewers to choose between a small overlay of social media features or a full screen app, where they can view the TV in a smaller screen and continue interacting with friends online.

“As of now, only Facebook and Twitter will be available. Other sites like YouTube will be added later,” Jagadev added.