NARR8 launches original TV programming via iPad app

Michelle Clancy | 15-11-2012

Digital channel NARR8 has launched an app for iPad and iPad Mini that provides original episodic TV series for digital devices.

The free app is available to download worldwide in English and Russian, with plans to expand into other languages next year, along with adding Android and Web support in early 2013.

NARR8 delivers original, interactive content series including motion comics, interactive novels and interactive nonfiction in a range of genres, from horror and science fiction to popular science, world history, superheroes, video games and more.

"It is no secret that the digital landscape is changing at a rapid pace, especially with regards to multimedia content," said founder Alexander Vashchenko. "With this in mind, NARR8 was designed to help evolve and shape the future of digital entertainment consumption. Fresh, original IPs developed by truly passionate creatives lead to an unparalleled user experience. By covering a wide breadth of genres with consistent updates, we've created a content channel that has something for everyone that both encourages and rewards engagement over time."

Founded in October 2011 by experienced digital content producer and artist Vashchenko, NARR8 currently includes eight development studios headquartered in Moscow, with satellite operations in San Francisco. It plans to regularly release new episodes and series through the application on a bi-weekly basis.