ASACA releases a new range of broadcast servers using intoPIX technology

Louise Duffy | 15-11-2012

Compression solutions provider intoPIX has announced the successful integration of its JPEG 2000 codec IP-core in the new ASACA servers developed for studios and master control rooms.

Using the intoPIX visually lossless intra-frame compression engine, ASACA has launched new broadcast servers processing two HDTVs channels, Fill and Key, in an ultra-compact and cost effective FPGA chip.

Well-suited for production and broadcast, JPEG 2000 is an easy-to-edit I-frame format. ASACA is now delivering three new products powered by intoPIX codecs to broadcast facilities. The ASACA AVR-800/801 VAF servers deliver Telop for CM and Audio, used in master control room. The AVR-802 AV File records and playbacks Telop used in studio. With one input and two outputs, it also processes simultaneously Fill and Key.