Tablets take lead as viewers flock online for live, premium content

Joseph O'Halloran | 15-11-2012

The rush to view TV on connected devices is sweeping all before it and increasingly includes live and premium content, the latest Ooyala Global Video Index has revealed.

The Q3 2012 report has revealed a steady quarter-over-quarter increase in web-delivered video viewing on devices such as smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, PCs and connected TVs both in and out of the home.

Moreover, among users of these connected devices, share of time spent viewing on tablets has grown 90% over the last two quarters, with nearly three-quarters of tablet viewing time spent on long-form content. Tablet owners in particular spent 71% of their total tablet video viewing time watching videos of ten minutes or longer and 30% of total tablet viewing time was spent watching content over an hour long.

Such increased engagement was revealed across the connected device board with the amount of time users spent watching live video on gaming consoles more than doubling in Q3. Desktop viewers tuned into live video for an average of 40 minutes.

"Online video distribution continues to redefine television around the world," commented Bismarck Lepe, co-founder and president of products for Ooyala. "For premium content providers, the ability to closely monitor consumption across devices and across an entire network is critical. It's the only way to have a holistic strategy for optimising revenue."

Bismarck said that major operators and service providers around the world are taking note of the increasing fragmentation of video across devices and warned that being able to optimise revenue would require sophisticated and actionable analytics.

The report also advised publishers to develop a more personalised and holistic view of video monetisation as consumers gain more control over how and when they view their content. Ooyala said that it was no longer optimal to think of video ads in terms of single clicks and views, especially with long-form content. It also suggested that publishers should look into repackaging live video as on-demand content, which will maximise the number of overall views and ad displays.