Adobe adds multiscreen to broadcast video platform

Michelle Clancy | 16-11-2012

Adobe Systems is eyeing the TV Everywhere advertising opportunity with a new dynamic ad insertion service for digitally distributed video called Adobe MediaWeaver, and the Primetime Media Player for execution and analytics.

Both components are meant to bring multiscreen capabilities to the vendor's Project Primetime broadcast video platform. In all, the full solution (now in beta) integrates video publishing, advertising and data solutions for TV content owners and distributors.
"Adobe is uniquely positioned to help drive a major industry transformation with Project Primetime. The introduction of Adobe MediaWeaver and Primetime Media Player mark a significant step in making broadcast TV content and ads work seamlessly online as more content is consumed across devices," said Jeremy Helfand, vice president of monetisation at Adobe. "This is a massive opportunity for the industry, and we are working closely with leading TV content owners and distributors to better deliver and monetize broadcast content across all major platforms."

MediaWeaver, true to its name, allows users to "weave" ads into content being delivered Web-connected device, while supporting audience targeting and analytics to increase media inventory value. It can place ads into live, linear and video-on-demand (VoD) content, and it enables dynamic ad executions for video content in browsers and apps across devices.

The new Primetime Media Player meanwhile can be populated a single workflow for content preparation, rights management and streaming to eliminate platform fragmentation challenges and maximize reach. In addition, the player integrates with all Primetime components including Adobe SiteCatalyst, Adobe AudienceManager and Adobe Auditude, which allows content owners to treat content, ads and analytics holistically with an eye to the audience experience.

The Primetime Media Player is available as a beta today via an SDK for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS and will also be extended to include web-connected platforms such as game consoles, OTT devices and connected TVs. Primetime Media Player for desktop browsers leverages Flash Player, and adds broadcast-specific capabilities such as closed captioning, seamless ad insertion and advanced analytics. The Primetime Media Player for mobile works within apps today, and will support native browser environments in the future.