I will not cover here different technical setup but just a main principles that I find really important.

For whatever reason a lot of users start from the way around but first at all you need to get yourself a card
This is what cardsharing means by its definition "sharing your card" not "using others card"
By doing so (getting the card) you will gain a lot more responsibility then running a free server and of course your will have much more better peers.
you do not have to get a lot of cards or expensive ones even if to buy a cheap adult card you may find a decent peers provided you are doing things right

Try to get better internet provider.... the most important is ping the less it is the quicker is your internet... the quicker are your ECM time... the more your peers will apreciate you

next step hardware:
no need to go for the complex setup with pc
all you need to run a CS server is a "Dreambox".
it is quick, easy and in most ceses even better to read the card, because from my experience best cardreader is internal cardreader
for the begginer (and not only) such a hardware is more then enough to run a server with more then 30-40 peers.
when setting up your dreambox and emu - use only needed features and get rid of all the "fancy" stuff.... the main criteria here is stability.

let's say you set it up already
for now it is a time for the "fine tuning" of your card
you may try to overclock it a bit and to reduce ecm times by 30-70ms... it is a lot and it helps
do the sids assing for your card to eliminate requests to the sids your card does not open.... it will speed up your system significantly

your card and server is ready and you waiting to start exhange... but before you will do that please have a look one more time at your system security
did you changed dafault ports and passwords?

looking for peers - the main criteria here is quality not quantity
respect your peers and you will have the same in return... try to protect your peers by mostly sharing your card not theirs
filter out all the cards non needed for you... it will speed up your system

when looking for peers do not deal with fakers or people with bad attitude... it will not bring anything good

one more thing .... be reasonable

when I see posts like

mega stable 24/7 debian server with redlight or HRT card looking for peers with D+ no other cards

I just smile.... nobody will take it seriously

I hope it helps