TV Replay wins M6 appeal

November 16, 2012 11.23 Europe/London By Robert Briel

The French Court of Appeal has rejected an appeal by private broadcaster M6 to remove all deep links to catch-up TV programmes on the TV Replay portal. The TV Replay website offers a complete overview of all catch-up TV programmes from French broadcasters available online on their respective video websites. Viewers looking for a particular programme can search TV-Replay and when they find a programme they want to watch, go directly to the desired video.
However, M6 tried to force TV Replay in steering the viewers to M6Replay and W9Rreplay, the home pages of the broadcaster rather than directly to the video itself.
The Court has confirmed earlier decisions that TV replay has the right to offer deep links on its website and also confirmed the EUR 35,000 the broadcaster has to pay in damages to TV Replay. There is no further appeal possible.