BRB Internacional to introduce new series at Asia TV Forum

Iñaki Ferreras | 16-11-2012

Spanish TV production company BRB Internacional will introduce its new animated series Invizimals, Mica and Khuda-Yana at the upcoming Asia TV Forum, to be held in Singapore from 4-7 December.

The company, which will take its entire catalogue to the event, hopes to increase its presence in East Asia on the strength of its close ties to the region over the years and the excellent reception of some of its newer series, such as Zoobabu and Sucker's – both of which have been acquired by Disney for distribution to a large part of Asia, including Spacetoon in Indonesia.

Invizimals, based on a successful video game from Sony Computer Entertainment, Mica, inspired by a popular pre-school character from Santillana Publishers, and Khuda-Yana, an original adventure story mixing anime style and western comedy, will be available for broadcast at the end of 2013.

BRB has extensive experience in Asia through its work with partners such as VOOZCLUB (Canimals), Bluepin (Kambu) and RG Animation Studios (Berni).

With regard to the company's participation in the show, Carlos Biern, CEO of BRB Internacional, said "Asia is strategically very important for our company given the exponential growth we are experiencing already with respect to licences, digital media and audience potential. In this sense I'm pleased to confirm the opening of our first office in Shanghai, China."