Venezuela's first Digital TV Connection attracts over 200 pay-TV operators

Iñaki Ferreras | 16-11-2012

The first Digital TV Connection event, organized by Venezuela's telco operators association ASOTEL, ended last Wednesday in Caracas.

The convention was organized by the country's independent pay-TV operators with the support of industry associations and some of the large national players such as Inter.

Agustin Becerra, ASOTEL's president, highlighted the success of the first event, which saw attendance from over 200 operators. "During a meeting held during Digital TV connection, we agreed that the next edition will be the shared responsibility of all parties involved. We do not want to be just an ASOTEL trade show, but want all unions from the entire sector to get involved," Becerra was reported as saying by Prensario Internacional.

The decision to form a "common front" was generated from the exchange control which has been imposed by the national Government for some years and has stepped up in recent months; this forbids the purchase of foreign currency in dollars, thus complicating the import of content and technology, and the growth of parallel dollar market.

This situation affectts not only by the operators, but also by those companies - local or foreign - that provide infrastructure or that programme or distribute technology.

In addition, some Venezuelan companies are facing a process of regionalization. Red Servitel purchases programming and distributes it to over 200 customers in the country, and it is shortly expected to start working with systems from Colombia and Ecuador, according to the newspaper. Also, the technology distributor Acelsa cable TV has a branch in the United States to facilitate the expansion of operations in Colombia and the Andean region.

Venezuela's policy with regard to the pay-TV arena seems clear: to be as national as possible and fight the majors' power with every means possible