The Polish cable operator Multimedia Polska ended the third quarter with over 978,000 subscribers to its TV services.

Of these, 257,000 were for digital TV or IPTV, or 40% more than a year, while the total number of TV RGUs (revenue generating units) was up 160,000 year-to-year.

This growth was in large part due to the acquisitions of Stream and Diana, as well as securing clients from new build and existing networks.

Multimedia Polska also saw its internet subscriber total grow by 21% year-on-year to 467,000, while take-up of its voice services grew by a more modest 4% to 283,000.

Its revenues from sales amount to PLN174.9 million (€42 million, +12% year-on-year) and consolidated EBITDA PLN87 million (+5%).

However, the company’s net profit fell by 33% over the same period to PLN14.1 million due to one-off costs, higher financial costs associated with a bond issue and an increase in the effective tax rate.

Multimedia Polska vies with Vectra for the position of the second largest cable operator in Poland.

It was expected to be sold earlier this year, with UPC Polska a possible buyer, but is now understood to be no longer on the market