M6 to call for a reform of ad regulation

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 18-11-2012

M6’s CEO Nicolas de Tavernost has announced in an interview with L’Express that he’s about to write to media regulatory body CSA about the downturn of the French ad market and the necessity “to reform the regulatory framework”.

He wants CSA to introduce new rules governing the relationships between broadcasters and producers or that ad rules be softened and impose less quotas such as limiting the number of spots per commercial breaks.

de Tavernost also says that “nobody really was thoughtful enough” before giving the green light to the forthcoming six new DTT FTA channels, while the ad market is decreasing. However M6 is still part of it as it has disclosed on Thursday the schedules and programming grid of new family channel 6Ter, one of the new nets launching next December 12th.

Considering six new entrants are going to fragment a little bit more the ad market, this point of view is shared by TF1 CEO Nonce Paolini, whose group is also launching a new channel dedicated to fiction, HD1. He predicts these channels are going to lose money. Both groups have posted falling revenues for Q3 and TF1 has started a €85m restructuring plan.

Meanwhile, Alain Weill, NextRadioTV CEO and boss of new discovery and documentary channel RMC Découverte doesn’t agree with such pessimistic outlooks. He thinks the new entrants will make new announcers enter the market. This point of view is shared by the French association of announcers, who say it is a chance for them to find additional ad spaces at minor costs.