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Thread: Al Jazeera Sports HD 1 and HD 2 - Problem

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    Lightbulb Al Jazeera Sports HD 1 and HD 2 - Problem

    Al Jazeera Sports HD 1 11 013 H 27500

    Al Jazeera Sports HD 2 11 013 H 27500

    Hi all,
    If and when you have problems with the above two channels? In fact, at my Stek these two channels in the HD version.
    The sound of my work without interruption, and the picture stops.
    So do not write me an encrypted channel, but just as if the signal is weak, so the image
    simply chop.
    Signal me 100%, 75% signal quality.'ve Tried to move above the frequency of
    number of smaller, and then to more
    but it continues.
    I also tried it with 3 different providers cs and the same problem.
    It's happening already some 15 days or more, at first I thought it was up to them, so it will solve, but that has now been passed
    a good deal of time, a little weird to me is still a problem with these two channels.

    Do you forum members with the same problem or is it just for me and how to solve it?

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    Re: Al Jazeera Sports HD 1 and HD 2 - Problem

    No problems here, maybe an idea to delete channels and rescan

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