Warner Bros brings Gossip Girl, Big Bang catch-up TV app to iPhone, iPad

Michelle Clancy | 18-11-2012

Warner Bros has launched a new Apple iOS app for TV Everywhere, offering US viewers the ability to stream and download TV shows that air on the WB national broadcast network the day after they air.

The appropriately named Day After US app for iPhone and iPad can stream episodes of the network’s more popular shows (Gossip Girl, Big Bang Theory and The Vampire Diaries) via Wi-Fi, or shows can be downloaded for later offline playback.

The app also has a social TV aspect to it: it wraps in real-time feedback from Twitter and Facebook. Users can gain access to one free episode by sharing it to Facebook.

Otherwise the shows are available at $2.99 per episode or via full-season passes that run from about $25 upwards. That may be expensive-sounding to US viewers who can watch the programmes on a free-to-air basis, but the app delivers episodes in a variety of languages, suggesting that the WB is targeting a global opportunity. No pay-TV operator subscription is required.