opaco to finally launch IPTV service

Iñaki Ferreras | 19-11-2012

The Paraguayan telco Copaco is hoping to have an IPTV service ready in Paraguay by the end of this month, after a delay of almost a year.

The company currently has 200 households connected to test mode. The service launch, originally scheduled for November 2011, was delayed because the fibre optic network was laid in 74 localities without a licence and was not operational until July. Since then the process has lengthened "because the company is governed by the law of contracts," explained Francisco Javier Galiano, owner of Copaco, according to Prensario Internacional.

NexTV LatAm said that the investment made by the state in retrofitting networking and purchasing equipment for online content platform is close to USD 25 million.

The Copaco IPTV packages will be available in Triple Play, including broadband, fixed telephony and pay-TV, priced at around $66 monthly. The pay-TV service will initially have about 54 SD channels, while the Premium package will offer 77 channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports, Cinecanal, NatGeo and Sony, the Adult Venus and Playboy and about ten HD channels.