First time for everything

Also: Stanford ends Baylor streak; Hopkins kicks way to record

Amy Farnum,

Last Updated - November 19, 2012 12:18 GMT

No one ever forgets a memorable first in life, whether it is a first kiss or a first car or the first time you hear the roar of the crowd at a professional sporting event. Firsts are never forgotten.
That’s why I love championship season — because teams and coaches and student-athletes are making first-time memories everywhere you look. Football, field hockey, cross country, soccer — it does not matter which sport or division we are talking about, there are incredible first-time feats happening all around.

In a week chock full of championship matches, games, meets and selections, there were programs who earned their first NCAA berths, first NCAA wins or first national titles, not to mention student-athletes who ran record-setting races.
Last week, there were even a couple of unique firsts. An international team advanced to the semifinals of an NCAA tournament for the first time, and a coaching couple’s first child was born a day after their team pulled off a great upset.
So, take a moment and reflect on your favorite NCAA first, and then read my handful of favorites from the past week – for those student-athletes, coaches and fans who experienced them, they are unforgettable.