RiksTV uses Ekioh engine to drive OTT

November 20, 2012 11.52 Europe/London By Julian Clover


Norwegian DTT platform RiksTV has launched a new OTT offer that includes content from TV2, SF Anytime and YouTube.

RiksTV is using a Scalable Vector Graphics engine and HTML engine supplied by Cambridge-based Ekioh and new set-top boxes manufactured by Strong. Already the most widely-deployed compliant SVG engine, it is able to provide rich and highly animated applications, while the more static applications are authored in HTML.

“Our new service offering ensures RiksTV maintains its leadership,” said Christian Birkeland, CEO, RiksTV. “Customers expect good looking, easy to use services and using Ekioh’s engines, our content partners have delivered some stunning results”.

“RiksTV have launched one of the most application rich services available in Europe today”, said Stephen Reeder, commercial director, Ekioh. “The combination of broadcast media, graphically rich movie and catch up portal services together with open standards, internet based OTT applications really resonate with customer expectations.”

At launch, the RiksTV service includes broadcast services, Film on demand from SF Anytime, YouTube and TV 2 Sumo Basis, an 8-day catch up service from TV 2. Services to be launched shortly include Beat – a streaming music service and VGTV, an on demand news and entertainment service.