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Thread: Suggestion for satelites keys

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    Suggestion for satelites keys

    Many times happend. When D+ , cabo and others keys are pubbliched in upload, and many post are inserted, they keys immediately changed. Means our forum is taken to realise the key must change to shut the channels.
    Please the administrators to cross so many posts, in upload, and chose a secure place where known keys can be place.
    Many thanks to everybody.

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    Re: Suggestion for satelites keys

    Yes, but you can't do nothing against this !
    You must understand that some providers are watching all the time some big boards.
    Now each time that the keys are public , they simple switch to new key !
    We can't blame people who are posting good working keys, this is our goal.
    Don't forget that you can find to many forum's that are publishing publics keys , FunFiles are not the only one, but the best one !

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    Re: Suggestion for satelites keys

    i agree

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