NHL and Union to resume negotiations Wednesday

Tuesday, 11.20.2012 / 4:59 PM

The National Hockey League and National Hockey League Players' Association will resume negotiations toward a new Collective Bargaining Agreement on Wednesday at the League office.
The meeting, the second in three days between the two sides, is expected to begin at approximately 10 a.m. ET.
After roughly 90 minutes of negotiations Monday night, the League urged the NHLPA to present a proposal detailing its position on all of the fundamental economic issues that have divided the two sides in the bargaining process.
According to a Union spokesperson, the NHLPA was holding internal meetings Tuesday.
"I can confirm that we will be meeting [Wednesday] morning," Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly told NHL.com. "I don't know about the substance and I have no expectations."
NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr said after Monday's meeting that the Union wanted to have a discussion with the League on the player-contracting issues -- but according to Fehr, the League was not interested in discussing that issue as a stand-alone topic Monday night.
The NHL, according to Daly's comments Monday night, views the player-contracting issues as part of the fundamental economic issues that have to be settled for a new CBA to be reached. The League's preference is to see how close the sides are on the other economic issues before tackling the player-contracting issues.
The division of hockey-related revenue as well as the League's "make whole" proposal to deal with existing contracts that would exceed the players' share in the new CBA are the other issues under the economic umbrella, according to Daly.
The NHL and the NHLPA have been without a new CBA since Sept. 16. Games through Dec. 1, as well as the Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic, have been cancelled.