Shazam claims ad software extends engagement and improves effectiveness

Editor | 21-11-2012

Research on national TV ad campaigns by media engagement firm Shazam is claiming to show a significant increase in word-of-mouth, brand interaction, future intent, recall and brand ratings from use of the technology.

The study, conducted by Frank N Magid Associates, was also said to show how Shazam's custom second screen interactive experience engages viewers and improves brand recall.

Specifically, the study found that those who used Shazam had a higher recall of a commercial and its message compared with those people who didn't. Furthermore, those using Shazam to tag an ad were three times as likely to interact with the brand through desirable follow-up actions after seeing the commercial compared to those who did not use Shazam.

Just over two-thirds (68%) of people who tagged the ad went on to further engage with the brand, compared with just under a quarter (23%) of those who didn't. Typical interactions included checking out offers, visiting the company's website or Facebook page, liking or following the company, getting a price quote, or locating a local retailer. In each of these activities, Shazam claimed that tagging resulted in between three to four times the amount of activity.

With an average 17 percentage point advantage, people who used Shazam to tag the ad said they were more inclined to perform a variety of activities, from visiting the brand's website, to getting additional information, to checking out the product and visiting their local retailer.

People who used Shazam were more than twice as likely to talk about the brand or the ad with others, while just over half (55%) of people who tagged the ad cited that one of the reasons they did so was to bookmark it to go back and reference information on the brand or product later in addition to their immediate post-viewing engagement. This figure was 65% for people who were in the market for that product.

"Since the launch of Shazam for TV advertising in 2011, we have seen people use the app to dramatically shift how they consume advertising," said Shazam's EVP advertising, Evan Krauss. "In every industry vertical, from auto to finance to retail, we have seen mobile engagement using the second screen extend people's interactions with the brand or product from a 30-second ad to several minutes of engagement."