YuMe takes tablets for specific ad units and a new video product offering

Editor | 21-11-2012

Aiming to tap into the burgeoning video market in tablets such as the iPad, digital video brand advertising software and services provider YuMe has released a portfolio of tablet-specific ad units and a new tablet video product offering.

YuMe regards the tablet arena as the fastest-growing mobile application category in terms of overall traffic, with video consumption on tablet screens representing a "massive" advertising opportunity for brands to engage with consumers. The company quotes a June 2012 Frank N Magid Associates report suggesting that over half (54%) of tablet users report watching video on their tablets on a weekly basis.

The company's ad units solution is claimed to be able to give brands and agencies the shortest time to interactive tablet video ad unit delivery in the advertising industry, with both ready-made and custom execution options. With the new ad units and ad offering, tablets can be targeted in either independent campaigns or as part of multi-screen video brand advertising campaigns.

YuMe says that its tablet-based interactive video brand experiences can be delivered to market in less than a week. To make this happen the new software includes an integrated tablet SDK and YuMe Ads Framework from which publishers and content owners can monetise their tablet audience and applications. The Framework supports multi-screen video advertising by determining the tablet or other viewing device, then adapting the video ad size, layout and encoding accordingly.

Ads are placed inside brand-safe content, are fully visible, quality placements, and are contextually relevant. Integrated rich-targeting capabilities include demographics, geography, day-part, ad context, device make and model, mobile operating system, device age, and more, all at scale. Analytics and brand lift reporting features are designed to ensure delivery of actionable brand insights.