Mobile content and commerce now ubiquitous

Editor | 21-11-2012

A new report from MEF has revealed that nearly nine-tenths (88%) of the world's mobile media users have engaged with some form of mobile content and commerce in the last six months - a year-on-year rise of 82%.

The MEF Global Consumer Survey 2012, which uncovers the attitudes of global mobile users, says that the report confirms a "huge transformation" in social behaviour wrought by almost permanently-connected smartphones. It adds that before the emergence of iPhone and Android and the data bundles that make affordable connection to the mobile Internet possible mobile content and commerce was restricted to a relatively small group of consumers, but now it is becoming ubiquitous.

A quarter of those surveyed indicated that entertainment was the primary reason to purchase items on their mobile devices. Trust was also a key motivator for engaging in mobile commerce, with 13% citing 'from a brand I know and trust' as a key reason for purchasing via mobile. Just over a third of respondents admitted that concerns around trust are acting as a barrier to purchasing more from a phone.