Film Four & Film Four +1: 23-11-2012.

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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00The Rochdale Pioneers[SUB]The story of a group of working-class people from Rochdale, who in 1844 established the world's first co-operative shop. Fact-based period drama, starring John Henshaw, Andrew London and Jordan DawesFilm/General Movie/Drama

12:15The Bad and the Beautiful[SUB BW]An actress, a writer and a director remember how an ambitious film producer ruined their careers and trampled over their lives to further his own success. However, the tables turn when he struggles to salvage his shattered reputation, and is forced to turn to his old enemies for help. Drama, starring Kirk Douglas, Lana Turner, Walter Pidgeon, Dick Powell and Elaine StewartFilm/General Movie/Drama

14:30Carry On up the Khyber[SUB AD]British forces in colonial India find themselves in deep trouble when a manic local ruler discovers the soldiers' fearsome reputation is thoroughly undeserved - prompting open rebellion. Comedy, starring Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Roy Castle, Joan Sims, Bernard Bresslaw and Terry ScottFilm/Comedy

16:15The Quiet Man[SUB]An American prizefighter retires after killing an opponent in the ring, and returns to his Irish roots in a village in Galway, where he falls for a local woman. Unfortunately, their romance is hampered by a conflict with her brother over a property matter. John Ford's Oscar-winning romantic comedy drama, starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Victor McLaglen, Barry Fitzgerald and Ward BondFilm/Comedy

18:50Star Trek: First Contact[SUB AD HD]Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise face their deadliest enemies, the Borg, who travel back in time in an attempt to change Earth's history. The starship follows on a mission to foil their plan, but the vessel is taken over by members of the cyborg collective, leaving Picard consumed by a desire for revenge. Sci-fi adventure sequel, starring Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, James Cromwell and Alice KrigeFilm/Science Fiction

21:00Patriot Games[SUB HD]Former CIA agent Jack Ryan foils an attack on a member of the royal family by an IRA splinter group, killing one of the terrorists in the process. However, he becomes caught in a lethal game of cat-and-mouse with the dead man's revenge-seeking brother. Thriller based on Tom Clancy's novel, starring Harrison Ford, Sean Bean, Samuel L Jackson, Richard Harris and James Earl Jones, reprising his role from earlier Clancy adaptation The Hunt for Red OctoberFilm/Detective/Thriller

23:15The Last Detail[SUB HD]A US Navy officer decides the recruit he is escorting to jail for petty crimes should enjoy one last weekend of freedom before being put behind bars. However, as they spend their time trawling bars and brothels, the prisoner becomes less resigned to his fate. Comedy drama, starring Jack Nicholson, Ortis Young, Randy Quaid and Carol KaneFilm/General Movie/Drama/Comedy

01:20Pitch Black Heist[SUB BW HD]Two safe crackers carry out a robbery - but the job is complicated by a light-activated alarm system that they can only get past by carrying out the crime in absolute darkness. Short drama, starring Liam Cunningham and Michael FassbenderGeneral Movie/Drama

01:35The Day After Tomorrow[SUB AD HD]A climatologist warns global warming will soon result in destructive freak weather, or even another ice age. He thinks the world still has time to prepare for the worst, but the crisis happens almost immediately - and as storms, earthquakes and hurricanes strike in terrifying fashion, he races across America to rescue his son from a frozen New York. Disaster thriller, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis QuaidFilm/Detective/Thriller