Astra plans 4K showcase channel

Jörn Krieger | 23-11-2012

To accelerate the introduction of the next generation of high-definition television (HDTV), Astra satellite operator SES is to launch a showcase channel in 4K format (Ultra-HD) next year.

The move was confirmed by Wolfgang Elsäßer, managing director of Astra Deutschland, in an interview with German industry magazine Infosat (December 2012). "We want to provide a comprehensive 4K experience," explained Elsäßer.

New TV sets are required for reception of 4K which offers a resolution four times as high as the current HDTV format. The first models are expected to become available in retail stores by Christmas.
The showcase channel will give dealers the opportunity to feed the new TV sets with 4K content directly via satellite. "4K is extremely rich in detail, clear-cut and provides almost a three-dimensional impression due to its high resolution," said Elsäßer.

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