Consumer to be king of content as concept of channel 'changes as we know it'

Editor | 24-11-2012

The convergence of media, networks and devices is having a dramatic impact on businesses in the battle to win the loyalty of digital consumers, leading to players rethinking business models to explore new areas of the value chain.

This is the top line finding of a study from Accenture predicting future trends for the telecoms, media and entertainment industries in 2013. The business analyst expects to see the key players evaluate their own ecosystems, establishing what their niche is in order to identify revenue generation opportunities. The end result, it believes, will be more creative thinking about strategic alliances.

Fundamentally, Accenture expects consumer content creation and curation to dominate in 2013 as more consumers are given the tools to create and access content on demand. Moreover it believes that consumers will gain more control as to how, where and when they access this content across multiple platforms. And that this will "change the very concept of the ‘channel’ as we know it."

Accenture advises independent operators that they need to leverage their own strengths by focusing on consumer segmentation, personalised customer service and innovative local partnerships.