Telefónica aims for a mobile world

Iñaki Ferreras | 26-11-2012

Last week Telefónica inaugurated the Mobile Forum Conference 2012 in Barcelona with the theme New Business for a New Future.

This year at the Telefónica Móvil Forum Conference a hyper-connected world was created in which visitors could experience seven digital scenarios of a city house, an airport, an office, a clothing store, a hospital, a mechanic shop and a museum, which showcased mobile phone solutions designed to enhance both personal and professional lives.

In addition, various initiatives were explained which have been launched to encourage entrepreneurship, such as Blue Via and Wayra. Some investors and analysts reports put the mobile apps market at around €350 million euros, according to the telco.

Mobilisation is a growing reality in all business sectors, having a great impact on productivity and efficiency. 73% of companies confirm that the mobilisation of its customer service systems have made them more efficient in the first line of care, and 55% of companies that have adopted a system of mobility say that the return on investment is detectable 15 months after launch, says Telefónica in its latest study about this sector.

Economically, mobility has had a huge impact globally and this is reflected in the fact that in 2011 mobility accounted for 2% of global GDP. The trend in the mobility market is particularly noticeable in the case of Spain which leads the European rankings, both in use and penetration of smartphones and tablets. The mobility market in Spain is one of the most prosperous, even in these times of crisis. In Spain, 55.2% of mobile users use a smartphone, and two of every three Internet users use mobile devices to access the Internet daily, according to Telefónica.

Mobility is therefore a key factor in technological innovation in Spain. The objective is to facilitate the way for this technology and provide all the necessary means for companies that want to make the leap to mobility, from the early stages of consulting to the development and maintenance of the implemented solutions.
One of the most successful apps the telco showed at the event was the Smart City concept, a digital platform for sustainable cities; examples of these solutions were Smart Home, Smart Building and SmartQuesina, which were on show in the Exhibition Area.