Shop on Cyber Monday and save big

By Mark Newman / 11/26/12 12:00 AM ET

Baseball is a game of numbers, and they are in your favor right now.

How can you get an R.A. Dickey home jersey for under $50? Just order any item for at least $99.99, like an R.A. Dickey 2012 Cy Young Gold Coin Photo Mint or a Triple Peak Premier Jacket.

How can you get a pair of those new Fanatic Sherling Boots for just $55, or half off the usual price? Find an item for at least $109.99, like the Giants Replica 2012 World Series Champions Signature Edition Exclusive Jersey or a Bed-In-A-Bag Five-Piece Set.

Cyber Monday means holiday shoppers have an even better reason to be at the Shop. From now until 11:59 p.m. ET, you can buy one item and get one item of equal or lesser value at 50 percent off. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for Derek Jeter's No. 2 jersey or some holiday decor, the time has arrived to save and save big.

As Major League Baseball clubs prepare to ratchet up their own shopping habits, it is pretty clear that many of us are on the strong hunt for bargains and getting our gift game on. The National Retail Federation estimates that overall sales in November and December will rise 4.1 percent this year to $586.1 billion. The online part of that is expected to rise 15 percent to $68.4 billion, according to Forrester Research.

"This Black Friday was by far the biggest ever," said Britt Beemer, founder and chairman of America's Research Group. "We've never seen 60 percent of consumers shop in a 12-14 hour window like we've seen this year."

Cyber Monday online sales have doubled since 2006, and industry analysts expect the trajectory to continue sort of like a Giancarlo Stanton home run, upward and upward into the distance. The Shop Virtual Catalog and Gift Finder are two perfect ways to dive in, and as usual the Shop Gift Guru is here to help with suggestions like these:

Buy a Seasonal KO Therma-FIT Hooded Sweatshirt from Nike for $74.99, and then get her that Women's Pullover Hoody that normally sells for $64.99. Boom, save over $30.

Houston's new look: This category of gifts also figures to dominate Shop action the next month and a half, as Astros fans help other Astros fans prepare for their first season in the American League next spring. Get an Astros Personalized Tee for $34.99 and then you can take half the price off one of those orange Nike Dri-FIT Legend Tees that normally go for $29.99.

Baseball Base and Retro Bobbleheads: This is an obvious Cyber Monday target. These are typically around $25 a pop, and you can get a pair -- let's say Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw for you Dodgers fans -- so one is under $13.

A&E Home Video Giants 2012 World Series Videos: If history is an indicator, this will be either the most popular Shop item of this holiday season or right around the top. It is treasured every year by fans of the champion, and it's the Giants' turn again.

Baseball Bat Bottle Opener: 'Tis the season to be jolly, and you might as well open your festive holiday beverages with an opener made from a real, game-used bat. This is a can't-miss item from Tokens & Icons that is on back-order for two to four weeks, so strike quickly with this one.

Cooperstown Dri-FIT Tempo Track Jacket: This Nike jacket is a popular item and features two-color contrast tape down each sleeve, with left-chest pocket and front zip pockets. It's $79.99, meaning this is a great opportunity to also get a typical replica jersey for someone.

Knits for the family: Reversibles, beanies, breakaway cuffs, sherpa and more. From knit caps for your baby to a baby blue Royals warmer. Cold weather means these are back in.

Adidas Newborn Gift Set: Some fans say they are born to follow their favorite teams. Then there are those newborns who prove it, because Mom, Dad, family or friend had the foresight to swaddle them in a six-piece set with their future club's colors. We're talking two newborn bodysuits, booties and bibs.

Oakley sunglasses: Just imagine you are out in the stands on a hot summer day, watching your team contending for a title and not having to squint because you have glare reduction, UV protection, anti-smudge lenses and they are impact-resistant in case you take one in the face during batting practice.

Phiten Authentic Collection: You know you want this. Every year you get a little closer to putting that same necklace around your neck that your favorite players wear on the field. Bracelet, necklace, power sleeve, titanium sock . . . the time has come to go for the aqua-titanium permeated accoutrement.

iPhone 5 Cases: Great stocking stuffer, and now is a great time to get one for at least a couple of family members of friends.

Shipping deadlines will be just around the corner, and we'll keep you updated on the key dates along the way. When in doubt, online gift certificates and Gift Cards are safe bets for any fan.