830MN views later, Psy's Gangnam Style displaces Justin Bieber as top YouTube video of all time

Michelle Clancy | 27-11-2012

It's official, 'sexy ladies': YouTube says that Korean wunderkind Psy is now the proud creator of the most watched YouTube video of all time: Gangnam Style.

The paean to living the high life in Seoul while performing a dance that looks suspiciously like the 'ride-your-pony' dance floor move from the 80s, has knocked Justin Bieber off his perch.

The Gangnam Style video was first spotted in the wild on 15 July, and has racked up a mind-boggling 830 million views since then. It has Justin Bieber's Baby song video - which has been watched just over 803 million times since 2010 - beaten by the equivalent of the population of Canada.

Psy, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, took to Twitter to celebrate the victory: "#GangnamStyle just became the most watched video @YouTube!" "#History."

The success just goes to show that YouTube, despite its efforts to embrace original content and a host of broadcast-y, subsidized channels, is still, first and foremost, a viral-video platform.