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Thread: Server too busy

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    Server too busy

    Can´t get on the site or to the sections most of the time ("The server is currently too busy..."). Anyone else?

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    Re: Server too busy

    Most of the time

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    Re: Server too busy

    Trop souvent, trop souvent.

    Most of the time, most of the time.

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    Re: Server too busy

    Hi all, it's possible to become donors in FunFiles (and you'll have the green colour) making a small offer and in change you can connect to FunFiles without problems as members with priority of access. Bye.

    sorry for my bad english.

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    Wink Re: Server too busy

    Same problem here.

    Either too much visitors or too small a server. And I do know that maintaining a server brings it costs, but that is exactly why we encounter more and more ads on the forums....I´ve seen even ads from that (in)famous Spanish provider already on some page´s which are purely and strictly ment for "investigation".

    It works like everything in life; pay up and you get much priority obviously depending on the amount.

    Just what everybody was waiting for...not. What does surpise me is that there are lots of forums out there which are still free -and also with lots of visitors- and I never have a problem over there.

    If this tendency proceeds like this, and all forums are going to do this, just calculate how much forums you are a member of and what that would cost you monthly, in the end an official subscribers card will cost you the same or less, so then basically the need of being a member of a forum in order to be able to "Investigate" doesn´t exist anymore. And that´s exactly when the beginning of the end starts for a forum, what an irony.

    Brgrds, Erik.

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