Local: Canal Digitaal Full HD package. So incl.HD, theme, Porn (incl Penhouse HD), Movie and Sports. ALL HD when present.

I have a 24/7 stable Debian server with 5 local Canal Digitaal cards with 16 static sids :

1798 : Discovery Science
333C : Private Spice
1B7B : NED 1 HD
17C0 : NED 2 HD
5230 : NED 3 HD
51DB : Film 1 HD
51B8 : Film 1 Action
51AE : Film 1 Family
51B3 : Film 1 Sundance
5144 : TV West
5154 : Omroep Brabant
5142 : L1mburg
1B7D : Penthouse HD
0FAB : NED 1
0FAC : NED 2
0FAD : NED 3

The other sids with backup.
Also HBO HD, All Porn channels, movie, theme, music, enz in sid pool: hop 1 . So no fake cards!

Im looking for premium cards or rare cards.

Primary looking for :

Sky Italy HD
Sky UK Full HD
Skylink HD

Please send me a line including reshare.
I will test it, and reply with a permanent stable Line, off course including reshare!!!
I'm not always at home, so be patient!
Please send me an active line plus contact email.
No reshare = Share share
No line = No comment


Best Regards Diq