Qwilt video delivery platform hits big benchmarks

Michelle Clancy | 28-11-2012

Qwilt, a provider of transparent caching and video delivery solutions, today announced that The Tolly Group has certified the performance benchmarks of its QB-100 platform, which successfully classified 20Gbps and delivered 10Gbps of sustained video traffic.
The Tolly Group tested the performance capabilities of the QB-100 platform by recreating the rigorous network conditions commonly seen in a service provider network. The Tolly Group engineers used an Ixia BreakingPoint Systems Storm to simulate a high volume of various types of network traffic, while concurrently emulating multiple clients requesting video stream downloads.
Tolly's engineers developed a three-step testing process to benchmark the performance of network traffic classification and video delivery functions. Test results demonstrated that the QB-100 successfully accurately classified 20Gbps of network traffic, delivered 10Gbps of sustained high quality video traffic, including both ABR and progressive download types of video files, concurrently classified 20Gbps and delivered 5Gbps of cached video traffic. The QB-Series CPU load remained below 65% throughout the testing process.
"Our testing demonstrates that Qwilt's QB-Series 2RU platform is capable of simultaneously classifying and delivering high volumes of video traffic typical of peak consumption periods in a high performance service provider network," said Kevin Tolly, founder of The Tolly Group. "As video traffic continues to grow and dominate carrier networks worldwide, Qwilt's QB-Series helps operators offload large volumes of OTT video traffic to maintain a robust network environment and prepare their networks for the future of online video."
Qwilt's QB-Series is a fully integrated, purpose-built video delivery platform that identifies, monitors, stores and delivers online video in fixed and mobile networks. Qwilt's products help carriers reduce the impact of over-the-top (OTT) video traffic on their networks, improve quality of service for their end users, and prepare their networks for the future of online video. Qwilt's QB-Series combines transparent caching, video delivery and analytics in a unified, turnkey platform.