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    Added: (Atlas) Given recent events and the incessant attacks on TV operators known dongles, we had to get this version to fix it. We already told you about one of our older versions that operators only attack reputable dongles, and they do not at first, but when they actually pierce dongles on the market to maximize their damage. Seen with SMT was undisputed market leader and is now persque exist, then there was the F1, Y6 and counting. Once a manufacturer starts to break into the market, they attack it until its total destruction. This is what is happening now with the manufacturer Goosat (formerly Global Sat) which replaced SMT markets and currently manufactures almost all brands: Starsat, Pinnacle, Tiger, Giant and even last Forever. Small as we microbox and others, we also subissont these attacks but not like the experience and will still continue to suffer as the big fish Goosat and these sub-brands to their annihilation. So this version is to protect against these attacks and then they kept only the servers that are active all the time. 4 servers in total with the S-01 as a server for those in Morocco
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